The Way of Untamed Harmony
The Way of Untamed Harmony
Deity Tirika
Appellation Wilding
Central Tenet Respect for and coexistence with nature
Order none




Followers of this Way are involved with the wilderness, with the interface between wilderness and civilization, and with the extermination of monsters. A Wilding of any level can be Called to smaller tasks as diverse as cleaning out a stretch of stream, eliminating diseased deer from a herd, or dispatching a monster that's moved into the neighborhood. Higher-rank Wildings may find themselves Called to longer-term projects such as rehabilitating a stretch of Aura-tainted land, advising polity leaders in matters of land use and defense against monsters, or even sabotaging settlement expansions that their goddess disapproves of. If a tasks relates to wilderness, to the animals and plants that live in it, or above all to monsters, it is likely to fall under Tirika's domain and thus the mandates she gives her Followers.


Affinity for Death Embraces the role of death and the cycle of life. May see death as simply part of the natural order, not to be overturned without great cause; at the other extreme, may glory in delivering death to others.
Affinity for Life Values new life; finds beauty in growth and vitality, but also in other states of a natural lifespan. Often passionate about healing and preservation of life.
Affinity for Nature Values wilderness and natural elements in other settings. Typically likes studying, working with, or simply observing plants and/or animals. Often one who strongly prefers nature over civilization.
Long in Perspective One who is patient, willing to let plans mature and situations develop over time; values persistence and dedication.
Solitary Soul Self-reliant and independent. Often holds themselves aloof from others and socializes little, though they may value close friendships.



Wildings are extremely common in Okudan due to the deep symbiosis of the nomads with the land around them. They are less common but not rare in Kothinar, where balance and moderation are watchwords, and in Vishaza, whose people have fit themselves into the prairie only after considerable struggle. Wildings are uncommon to rare in Rasumbel, between that polity's natural defenses of a harsh environment and rough terrain and cultural tendencies towards authority and control.

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