Title Lady of the Wilds, Wild One
Archetype of Nature, wild things, undeveloped spaces
Favors Wilderness, simplicity, natural order
Disdains Monsters, urbanization, wastefulness
Patron of The Way of Untamed Harmony


Tirika is the archetype of nature and wilderness; thus, her domain extends everywhere that urbanization and cultivation do not, and even into some places where they do.



Legend holds that Tirika was once a village woman — perhaps a maiden, perhaps a mother. Where this village was, or what it was called, none can say for sure; there are many versions, all most likely made up out of whole cloth for the sake of some long-gone storyteller. The one commonality is the village's destruction by a rampaging monster, a catastrophe that set the woman who became Tirika onto her destined path. There are many tales of her monster-slaying deeds, and fewer relating how her experiences with monsters eventually transmuted into admiration for nature's mundane aspects, the goddess-to-be becoming as much steward as slayer. The events that finally resulted in Tirika's ascension to divine status remain mysterious; the most widely spoken explanation is that she defeated a truly epic monster, but the particulars of said monster vary too much between versions for it to be certain. Those who study lore and history understand that Tirika's tale is ancient indeed, her divine status perhaps even the oldest of all.

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