Thread Types

Flashback: Any thread not in the current present season. Players may write flashbacks in ANY prior season, without restriction (except perhaps the payment of living expenses). This allows established players to flashback freely with newer players, or to write responses to events even after a hiatus. However, flashbacks will essentially be 'story' threads; they are restricted in terms of what can be done in them and obtained from them.

  • Flashbacks do not contribute to expertise gains, except the first ('Professional') for a given skill.
  • Special, modded threads (events, quests, and trials; see below) cannot be flashbacks.
  • Flashbacks are either ineligible for ST modding, or modding of a flashback thread is going to be strongly discouraged.
  • Because of this, although players can RP around a past event, they cannot materially participate.
  • Items and money cannot be obtained from flashbacks. However, expenditures are still tracked, including living expenses (more on this at Expenses).

Flashbacks are somewhat strongly penalized here (minimal skill awards, cost money, no material gains), but they should only ever be written for story reasons anyway. In this way, while players are free to 'go back' and RP in prior seasons, they are encouraged to keep active in the present.

Event: A group thread of local importance, typically open or public sign-up, which is run by a Storyteller for the current season. May encompass such things as holiday festivities, community gatherings, environmental happenings, bandit raids, etc. Usually risk to PCs is relatively low, and there are few to no material rewards for participation.

Quest: A solo or small-party thread run by a Storyteller in the current season which offers higher risk but also the opportunity to receive money, unusual items, or other rewards. May be a one-off event or part of a larger plotline. May be designed for a particular PC/group or devised by the Storyteller and given a public first-come sign-up.

Trial: A typically solo but sometimes small-party thread run by a Storyteller in the current season which tests a PC for elevation to a higher level of their path. See Ascension.

Placeholders are a non-issue because players may add threads to any paid-for season at any time IRL. Soulscape and Dreamscape threads will occur in dedicated forums, so there is no type flag for them. While reincarnation is a thing, I'm not sure to what degree past life threading should be supported. They're effectively a special case of flashback.


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