Weapon Skills


Professional Applications



Weapons Families

For the purpose of tracking proficiency, weapons are divided into the following categories. Each category is considered a discrete skill, with no cross-training between one and the next.

  • Bow — shortbow and longbow
  • Sling
  • Hand Combat — incl. brass knuckles, bagh nakh, etc. fold these into Hand Combat or Brawling skill
  • Blunt Weapon — club, mace, hammer, etc.
  • Chopping Blade — axe, kopis, machete, etc.
  • Dagger — typically under 12"
  • Short Sword — typically 12-24"
  • Medium Sword — typically 24-31"
  • Long Sword — typically 30-45"
  • Great Sword — two-hand swords
  • Polearm — staff, spear, javelin; typically 9' or less in length
  • Great Polearm — glaive, guisarme, war scythe, etc.

Fields of Expertise

Technique: basic forms, 1-2 motions per; basic stationary shooting for bow/sling
Movement: compound techniques, movement, range, balance; moving targets for bow/sling
Adaptation: difficult environments; mud, water, wind, cold, terrain/obstacles
Multiplicity: multiple opponents, speed of action

Grappling: grabbing and wrestling with enemy; close-quarters combat only
Mounted: using weapon while mounted
Throwing: applies to weapons that can be thrown

Proficiency Levels






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