Hunting is the skill of finding, following, and ambushing some quarry, often but not exclusively a wild animal. It is most often used with the intent of killing the quarry, usually for food and other resources such as its pelt.

Professional Applications

In a professional context, Hunting most readily lends itself to the profession of the same name. Hunters may apply it towards killing wild animals for food, pelts, feathers, and so on; towards pursuing and exterminating monsters; or even for capturing creatures alive and bringing them back for sale or sport.

Hunting may find application in a variety of other contexts such as everyday subsistence, guiding or guarding a traveling group, exploration or adventuring, and more; however, it is not the primary skill of such professions, but an adjunct to other skills.

Fields of Expertise

Small Game: Encompasses familiarity with various types of small game, their features, their habits and preferences, and appropriate methods of capturing and killing them. Small game include such species as rabbits, weasels, foxes, marmots, etc. and all birds except ostriches and their ilk. The primary technique is trapping, with ranged weapons (e.g. bow, sling) also applicable. Shapeshifters who hunt small game while in animal form are also covered by this expertise.

Large Game: As for Small Game expertise, but applies to large game species such as deer, boar, antelope, sheep, etc. and large predators including coyotes, wolves, lions, tigers, etc. Techniques covered include game drives, endurance hunting, spear hunting, and bow hunting. Shapeshifters hunting large game while in animal form also come under this expertise.

Tracks and Trails: This expertise denotes someone who is competent at recognizing and interpreting tracks, trails, and scat within the scope of whatever Game expertise they have. Cross-trains with Tracking (Ground Indicators).

Stealth and Concealment: Denotes someone who is competent in methods for quiet movement, the use of their surroundings for cover, waiting in ambush, and the building of blinds. Cross-trains with Stealth (???).

Butchering and Pelts: This expertise is necessary for getting the maximum use and value out of a carcass. Covers butchering out high- and low-quality cuts of meat; obtaining high-quality hides, pelts, and feathers; and basic tanning and preservation of hides and pelts. Having this expertise also improves the yield of aura crystals from slain monsters.

Proficiency Levels






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