Animal Husbandry


Professional Applications



Fields of Expertise

Caretaking: Covers all basic animal care concerns such as providing appropriate shelter/housing, food and water, and grooming; also includes recognizing common conditions or illnesses, although the ability to treat them is limited to abating symptoms, rest, and solicitous care. Caretaking must be the first Expertise taken.

Basic Training: Encompasses the use of reinforcement and punishment in teaching behaviors appropriate to everyday life. In other words, this covers simple commands like 'come' and 'stay', housetraining, accustoming an animal to harness, and habituating a horse or other mount to saddle and rider. Cross-trains with Riding (Training) provided an appropriate specialty is taken.

Specialized Training: This Expertise covers training an animal for use in specific, specialized contexts such as herding, tracking, combat, and the like. Basic Training and a specialty must be taken first, and training for any application appropriate to the character's specialty is included under this Expertise.

Breeding: Encompasses recognizing traits of interest (e.g. conformation, carriage) in young and adult animals and selecting pairings with the goal of promoting or offsetting given attributes. This Expertise also covers conditions and concerns specific to reproductive, pregnant, and brooding/lactating animals. A specialty is required.

<Specialty>: This is a custom Expertise that highlights the core of a character's Husbandry skill, the animal with which they have the most experience and greatest depth of knowledge. Characters with a specialty can be expected to know more about that animal, to have greater aptitude for its care and training, to recognize more obscure illnesses and problems, and to be particularly adept at selecting breeding pairs. Specialties correspond to animal types, e.g. Equines, Canines, Felines, Raptors, Bovines, etc.

Proficiency Levels






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