Prestige and Notoriety

At the moment, this is mostly a placeholder. I'd like to have some sort of game-wide prestige system, to help highlight people who are household names, and so people who are working their way to fame can chronicle that progression. No idea yet how it'll work.

I don't necessarily want it to be a point system. In that respect, it might operate similarly to expertise — a certain number of threads with a certain context net a step up. I expect those gains would be awarded by Storytellers, where expertise is restricted to Moderators; prestige is a feature of story/plot and IC actions, not just a game mechanic like skills.

Here are some quickly brainstormed possible prestige levels:

  • Plebian - A person of no particular note. Rank not required to be recorded.
  • Standout - Someone who distinguishes themselves by actions; one who appears in the news a time or two, so to speak.
  • Local Repute - Someone whose name is locally recognized and has some recurrent association, for good or ill.
  • Local Prominence - Someone who is notorious around their hometown, but only beginning to appear in foreign gossip.
  • Wide Repute - Someone whose name would be recognized across multiple cultures.
  • Wide Prominence - Someone whose name is well-known in multiple polities.
  • (In)Famous - A household name, celebrity, and focus of tales all around.

I think any player with an Exceptional skill should automatically get some local prestige. At least Standout, possibly Local Repute. Someone who Masters a skill should then be one step further up the prestige scale just on basis of that proficiency; a Master is going to be spoken of, and traders will take an interest in their wares, students come to seek training, etc.


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