Okudan Households

I'm not yet decided on how to handle locations, NPC info, and household writeups in the arrangement-of-information sense. Probably NPC info will be folded into individual location pages, while the location index remains much as it currently is and this family index keeps the Hearth overview paragraphs. Since I'm not getting into the weeds with making location pages, I'll just dump NPC info here for now.

As far as creating NPC family members goes, I intend to keep it to an absolute minimum. For example, the Starchasers are a large and prosperous Hearth… but there's no need to create more of them than plot requires, and at the moment that's just a couple, Sendur and his heir. Among other things, I intend to encourage PCs to slot their own characters into existing families, PC and NPC alike. I also want to leave as many professional niches as possible for PCs to fill themselves. So the immediate goal is to not go overboard with pre-building NPCs.


Darkstriker Hearth

The Darkstriker family makes its living by crafting weapons, but is best known for sending many generations of its sons into the Protectors; it is from this practice that the Hearth takes its name. Its diragh was recently elected as Solchin of Okudan and, although young, is regarded quite highly by most of the band.

Starchaser Hearth

The Starchaser Hearth traces its lineage in direct descent from Sendoa, first of the Starchaser name, whose faith and visions led the nomads into the plains. The Starchasers are unequivocably first among Okudan's shamans, keepers of generations of accumulated knowledge about their lands and their people. Shamans of the family are particularly known for practicing Unity and Dreamwalking. The Starchasers have a coolly polite but deep rivalry with the Truestars, their distant cousins in Chuldain, hearkening back to when the bands first split.

Sendur Starchaser
Ilbesir of Okudan (moderated NPC)
Male Human, 63 years old
Lifestyle: Wealthy
Renown: Local Prominence

Okheli - Native
Qualloni - Conversational (Basic Vocabulary, ???, ???)
Shol - Elementary (Basic Vocabulary)
Tradesign - Conversational (Basic Vocabulary, ???, ???)

Unity - Master (Kind, Association, Dependence, Substance, Soul)
Dreamwalking - Exceptional (Soul Sharing, Soul Shaping, Soul Tracing, Dream Viewing)
Meditation - Professional (Awareness)
Natural History - Professional (???)
Riding - Professional (Working)

Named after the long-ago founder of his lineage, Sendur Starchaser is the diragh of his Hearth, the chief shaman of Okudan, and a respected man who has lived up to the lofty bar set by his predecessor. He is widely renowned for his wisdom and for his skill in magic. At the same time, Sendur is also known for being cool and reserved, as stolid as the land he works intimately with. Rumor has it that his mind is beginning to go soft, consequence of a life dedicated to shamanism. Sendur rides a chestnut Raldaan mare named Nerea, his third bonded horse.

Brightsteel Hearth

Although senior in the South Herd, the Brightsteel family of armorers regards itself humbly and strives only to make the best of its members. Collectively, the Hearth is known for being stiff and stern, and for its dedication to the Way of Resolute Steel, with at least one priest among its ranks in each generation. Brightsteel is also the home of the current Tevik.

Prominent Families

Soulspeaker Hearth

The Soulspeaker Hearth is a family of storytellers, respected as keepers of history and lore for the entire band. It is sometimes said that if Soulspeaker doesn't know of some past event, then it didn't happen — and that is not entirely hyperbole. Soulspeakers are known for absorbing information quickly and for the excellence of their trained memories, as well as facility in storytelling both to instruct and entertain. The Hearth's members also cultivate relationships widely, the better to learn about everything going on in Okudan.

Skyseeker Hearth

The Skyseeker Hearth makes its living by breeding goats and weaving fine cloth from their wool. The family is known for being ambitious, its diraghim having a long history of trying to get themselves elected Solchin whenever opportunity arises. They are often haughty, snobbish, and petty, and of the general opinion that they don't get the recognition they deserve. Notably, the Skyseekers have some interest in cultivating associations with even low-ranking Hearths, the better to bolster their overall support among the band.

Moonweaver Hearth

The Moonweavers are unique in Okudan for not only practicing witchcraft, but also making it their profession, with herbalism as a sideline. They are generally regarded with a bit of skepticism, particularly since the Hearth is known to be ambitious and to have its eye on the higher-status herds; there is always the suspicion that witchcraft and ambition make a dangerous combination. At the same time, the Moonweavers are valued for offering services not otherwise readily available in Okudan.

Stoneshaper Hearth

Sometimes referred to as "Stonebound", the Stoneshaper Hearth is known for its stubborn self-sufficiency and disdain for everything foreign. In generations past, they were one of Okudan's leading families; in the present, they are considered quaint and old-fashioned, though worthy of some respect for history and for sticking to their principles. The Stoneshapers are highly self-sufficient, selling excess foraged goods and tools crafted from knapped stone as their resources permit. They have as little as possible to do with traders, or with anything not made by Okudani from resources native to the plains.

Public Figures

Redstone Hearth

A fixture on the outskirts of Okudan, the Redstone Hearth is a decided oddity, a Hearth comprised of one woman who is resolutely free of children and other family members. It is also a temple, as Alaia Redstone is the resident priestess of Untamed Harmony; her determined independence was perforce written off long ago by society as ultimately being the goddess' fault. All told, Redstone is considered a positive in Okudan, with many visiting to offer respects to the goddess Tirika, or to ask advice or learning of her priestess.

Alaia Redstone
Priestess of Untamed Harmony (public NPC)
Female Human, 31 years old
Lifestyle: Ordinary
Renown: Local Repute

Aspect: Solitary Soul
Ability: Perceive Aura (level 1)

Okheli - Native
Qualloni - Elementary (Basic Vocabulary)

Teaching - Professional (Experiential Method)
Natural History - Professional (???)
Hunting - Professional (Small Game, Tracking)
Riding - Professional (Working)

Having severed ties with her birth Hearth at the age of 17, Alaia Redstone has lived ever since as a Hearth of one, and is content that she stay that way. Independent and self-reliant, she keeps to the edge of Okudan, at the boundary between society and wilderness. An Awakened in the Way of Untamed Harmony, Alaia also has no ambition to ascend further; instead, she has carved out a place for herself as a priestess, the official representative of Tirika in Okudan. Alaia spends her days maintaining a uniquely Okudani temple to Tirika, educating others in the early steps of the Way, providing advice and the gift of her Ability to the band, and addressing whatever tasks Tirika sees fit to send her. Alaia is morisai to a wild claybank mare named Esti, and has a hunt-trained male Khoroi dog imaginatively named Red.

Ordinary Citizens

Windshadow Hearth

A relatively low-ranking family of hunters, peltiers, and tanners.

Social Outliers

Sunfeather Hearth

The Sunfeather Hearth is one of the handful of Okudani families with significant non-Human membership; about half are Raptorine Elyani. The Hearth supports itself as professional falconers and raptor breeders and is well-regarded within that field, but has low social status due to its mixed composition and the short lifespans of Elyani.

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