anyur The simple, spare "hunting saddle" used routinely. Plural anyures.
ariun mor The sacred rite through which a Morid finds their equine partner. Singular and plural.
baishir The large felt tent a Hearth calls home. Plural baishires.
bolan (Morid) A person who is not yet Moridian, a second-class citizen of the band. Singular and plural.
diragh The (male) leader of a Hearth. Plural diraghes.
eska (Morid) A person who is incompatible with Moridian culture; has connotations of both "barbarian" and "undesirable". Singular and plural.
imir The wood-framed, narrow "working saddle" used for herding and long rides. Plural imires.
molgo Any small tent, esp. not constructed of felt; has connotations of "shack" or "hovel". Plural molgos.
Moridian The people of grass and horses; refers to anyone of the nomad culture, whether from Okudan or otherwise. Plural Moridians.
morisai A horse bonded to a zhinka in the ariun mor. Can also refer to the partnership of a bonded pair, or to describe any deep and extensive relationship between two people. Singular and plural.
zhinka (Morid) One truly of Moridian culture and a full person in the eyes of the band. Singular and plural.


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