Class Aberration
Elements Fire
Form magpie-sized bird with a long, fiery tail
Sociality solitary or small groups (2-3)
Habitat wooded lowlands and hills
Prevalence uncommon

Natural History

Physical Description

Females have plumage in orange, brown, and cream. Males are strikingly colored in red, black,and white and have a tail of fiery plumes that is up to twice the length of their body. The fire is extinguished when the bird dies, leaving behind the long, thin, metallic feathers that supported it.

Behavior and Sociality

Female siblings tend to remain together in a small flock of 2-4 birds. Males are solitary except when courting and breeding.



immunity to fire
fiery tail feathers

Role and Importance

Habitat and Range

Ecological Role

Primarily eats seeds and some insects. Females and juveniles are prey for anything that eats birds of their size; almost nothing eats adult males.

Threat Level

Economic Importance

The tail plumes of male kipines are valued for their brightly colored, metallic appearance.


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