Mixed Blood


General Inheritance

By and large, any two races may interbreed, producing a Mixed Blood child. Two levels of Mixed Blood exist: halfbloods, who manifest the features of two purebred races, and quarterbloods, who retain but traces of their minority heritage. A Mixed Blood's physiology is characterized by immutable traits, which are always passed down from the parent race, and discretionary traits, of which typically only one may be inherited, and which are usually the first traits to be lost in more complex crosses.

A cross between two purebloods is straightforward: the child is a Mixed Blood (halfblood) who inherits immutable traits for both parent races, as well as one discretionary trait from each. If one parent is Human, the halfblood receives two discretionary traits from the non-Human race.

If a halfblood pairs with a partner from one of its parent races, the child is also a Mixed Blood (quarterblood). They receive the immutable traits from their majority heritage along with one new discretionary trait, and one discretionary trait from their minority heritage, which must be inherited from the halfblood parent. In the case of a half-Human and Human pairing, the child is also Human.

If a quarterblood pairs with a partner from its majority race, any children are purebloods, physically indistinguishable from the rest of that race. Conversely, when a quarterblood crosses back into the minority race, any children are equivalent to Human halfbloods, receiving only traits appropriate for the pureblood parent's race.

The pairing of any Mixed Blood and a pureblood of unrelated race is equivalent to a cross between that race and a Human. Similarly, the child of any two Mixed Bloods, or any Mixed Blood and a Human, is themselves Human. Whether the mixed parent is a halfblood or quarterblood makes no difference.

In table form:

Parent 1 (major) Parent 2 (minor) Other Non-Human Human Halfblood (any) Quarterblood (any)
Halfblood Quarterblood Quarterblood Halfblood (Other x Human) Human Human Human
Quarterblood Pureblood Halfblood (Parent x Human) Halfblood (Other x Human) Human Human Human

Human or Elyanat Mixes

Humans are the fundamental base from which all mixable races derive, and as such do not contribute any distinctive characteristics to their mixed children. Instead, Human halfbloods receive two discretionary traits from their non-Human parent, and children from any cross between a Mixed Blood and a Human are also Human.

An Elyanat parent has a 50% chance of producing an Elyanat child; the other half of the time, they are equivalent to Human for inheritance purposes.

Asar Mixes

Immutable traits: stocky build, aptitude for water activities

Discretionary traits: gem-colored eyes, half-webbed fingers, hairless

Velen Mixes

Immutable traits: tall and lean, forehead horn nubs, self-centered and aloof mentality

Discretionary traits: body fur, clawed fingers, heightened sense of smell

Quanaar Mixes

Immutable traits: dark skin, aptitude for physical activities

Discretionary traits: pale hair and eyes (gray/silver), scale traceries on limbs, poor vision

Sulir Mixes

Immutable traits: petite build, lightweight bones

Discretionary traits: long-fingered hands with broad joints, improved night vision (no color), color-blind

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