Plains Cattle

Size: 5.5-6.5' tall, 2000-3000 lbs
Coloring: Black (bull), brown to red-brown (cow); sometimes with brown "saddle"
Found in: Okudan (rare), Kothinar (rare)
Image models: Taurus cattle and similar aurochs look-alikes

Domesticated from the plains aurochs, this is a very young breed, hardly known outside the Moridan peoples and not yet distinguished with a particular name. They have the advantage of being large, hardy, and highly self-sufficient, including defending themselves from predators; they are by far the largest animal the nomads keep for meat, and the cows give more milk than any other stock save horses. On the other hand, plains cattle are also independent-minded, obstinate, and sometimes downright aggressive, and cause more injuries among their herders than all of the nomads' other livestock combined. More docile individuals are highly valued by breeders, while belligerent cattle may be sold to Kothinar for their performance sports.





Size: 1.5-2' tall, 100-175 lbs
Coloring: White body; black head and shoulders
Found in: Okudan (common)
Image models: Asmari, Bagot goat, Valais Blackneck, and similar black-shouldered breeds

These goats produce fine wool used for ropes, undergarments, and quality clothing. They are not notable as a dairy breed, yielding modest amounts of milk in spring only.


Samay Milker

Size: 1.5-2' tall, 70-125 lbs
Coloring: Brown with black striping
Found in: Okudan (common)
Image models: Kri-Kri, Chamois Colored Goat, similar black-striped brown breeds with horns

These goats are primarily kept for dairy production.



Onevi Roughcoat

Size: 2-2.5' tall, 125-200 lbs
Coloring: White to gray wool; black face, nose, and legs
Found in: Okudan (common)
Image models: Karakul, Karayaka, Scottish Blackface, and similar black-faced "carpet wool" breeds

These sheep produce a long, coarse wool used for felting and outerwear, and a finer undercoat used for ordinary garments. Ewes produce moderate quantities of milk.



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