Size: 15-16 hands
Coloring: Black, bay, gray, dapple gray
Aptitudes: Draft, riding
Found in: Okudan (common)
Image model: Gelderland horse and similar heavy warmbloods

A tall breed of sturdy build and rectangular frame, as well as a healthy constitution and relatively long lifespan. Known for gentle temperaments and strong work ethics, they are primarily kept by the Okudani for hauling carts, but sometimes trained to saddle. These horses are not considered adept or agile enough for use in herding.



Size: 14-15 hands
Coloring: Bay, buckskin dun, chestnut, claybank dun, gray
Aptitudes: Herding, riding, racing
Found in: Okudan (common)
Image model: Morgan horse, Morab, Qurab, and similar refined stock or carriage breeds

A compact, sturdy yet sleek breed possessed of a smooth trot and considerable endurance. Known for intelligence, curiosity, forging strong relationships, and a willingness to please, they are primarily used for riding and for herding livestock. Notably, Raldaan horses that are best at herding (well-muscled, agile sprinters) tend to be distinct from those that are adept at long-distance races (lean, long-legged builds with high endurance).


Akhinar Dancer

Size: 15 hands
Coloring: Black, bay, buckskin, chestnut, palomino; often with white markings
Aptitudes: Performance, dressage
Found in: Kothinar (rare)
Image model: Andalusian, Lusitano

The Akhinar are a breed unique to Kothinar, notable for their strong builds, athleticism, stamina, intelligence, and aptitude for complex training. These horses are almost exclusively used in exhibitions and sports; it is considered a shame and disgrace to put a Dancer to merely mundane work of any kind. As such, they are most often kept by wealthy households who can afford the luxury of a high-maintenance show animal.


Plains Horse

Size: 12-14 hands
Coloring: Bay, buckskin, buckskin dun, black dun
Aptitudes: Riding, draft
Found in: Okudan (rare)
Image model: Mongolian horse, Heck horse, Konik

The wild plains horse is distinctively small and stocky, with short legs, a rounded belly, and a large head. They are quite strong for their size, have considerable stamina, and are particularly hardy; however, they also tend to be shy of strangers and unfamiliar environments, spook more readily than domesticated horses, and do not train easily nor take to complex commands. Virtually all of the very few wild horses that are kept are bonded with an Okudani; even those are considered poor breeding stock and have little value other than their bonded's sentiment.


Woodland Horse

Size: 12-14 hands
Coloring: Bay, buckskin dun, black, black dun, leopard spotted (rare)
Aptitudes: Riding, draft
Found in: very west plains
Image model: tbd


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