Okudani Breeds


Size: 15-16 hands
Aptitudes: Draft (primary), riding
Coloring: Black, bay, gray, dapple gray

A breed of sturdy build and rectangular frame, as well as a healthy constitution and relatively long lifespans. Known for a gentle temperament and strong work ethic, they are primarily kept by the Okudani for hauling carts, but also trained to saddle. These horses are generally considered adept enough for use in herding.


Size: 14-15 hands
Aptitudes: Herding, riding, racing
Coloring: Bay, chestnut, gray

A compact, sturdy yet sleek breed possessed of a smooth trot and considerable endurance. Known for intelligence, curiosity, forging strong relationships, and a willingness to please, they are primarily used for riding and for herding livestock.

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