Reputation Haunted, desperate, in denial, and dangerous
Features Intangible, immaterial, and unliving
Prevalence Uncommon, often localized to an area

Key Features

  • No physical form, do not age
  • Almost impossible to end them unwillingly
  • Obsession prevents moving on
  • Unique racial skills
  • Susceptible to Ghostbinding magic

Physical Description

A ghost may appear in any form it pleases, or be altogether invisible. However, most ghosts have a "default" form, usually related to their driving obsession, that is conceptually difficult for them to change away from. For example, this could be their form at death or their "ideal" image of themselves. Visible ghosts retain a translucent quality and foggy edges that immediately distinguish them from living beings and actual physical things. Regardless of visibility, a ghost has no substance and cannot directly interact with their environment.

Ghostly Skills

Due to their unusual liminal state, no longer part of the physical world but unwilling to pass on into a new incarnation, ghosts have access to three skills that give them unique ways to interact with reality:

  • Possession: The ability to enter into a living being and displace its mind, taking control of its body. (mind element)
  • Kinesis: The ability to interact directly with space, moving objects or even translocating them immediately from one point to another. (space element)
  • Deterioration: The ability to cause disability and degradation, particularly of living things. (time element)

Ghosts retain the knowledge of whatever skills they had in life. They have difficulty learning new information and skills (see Psychology below), and cannot practice physical skills without possessing a living being.





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