Some preliminary geographic context. Image quality is none too sharp because I just did a quick-and-dirty jpeg export.

Here's the full continent:


Continent is currently ~3300 miles east-west and ~3600 miles north-south. Scale is easily changed if we desire, though I'd rather not go smaller. Yellowish region in the north is putative desert, darker green is forested(?) lowland, lighter green in the center is plains. Browns are hills, and the gray/white areas are either not-yet-colored hills (more gray) or mountains proper (more white).

Zooming in on our immediate area of interest:


Three settlements in the hills/mountains, three nomadic bands (only one of which is playable) towards the plains, and the tower off in the southeast peaks. Note that the exact boundaries between hills and plains may be adjusted.

On the present scale, distances between settlements are:

Polity 1 Polity 2 Straight-Line Dist.
Anar Taknari ~160 miles
Suari Anar ~200 miles
Suari Taknari ~340 miles
Nomads (summer) Anar ~150 miles
Nomads (summer) Taknari ~150 miles
Nomads (summer) Suari ~350 miles
Nomads (winter) Anar ~350 miles
Nomads (winter) Taknari ~350 miles
Nomads (winter) Suari ~560 miles

So, assuming an unencumbered rider on a decent horse, the three permanent settlements are within maybe 10-25 days' travel of one another depending on which two you consider. The nomads are within about 8 days' travel of the Anar and Taknari in summer, and more like 25 days away in winter.


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