Size: Very Large (100-150 lbs)
Coloring: Tawny to brown, sometimes reddish, often with black facial and shoulder markings
Found in: Rasumbel (uncommon)
Aptitudes: Draft, pack, riding, family companion and guardian
Image model: Leonberger

Alsarie dogs are a large, heavily-built breed with dense, water-resistant coats suited to the high reaches of the Iron Wall. The breed is distinguished by friendliness, playfulness, and a phlegmatic temperament that is difficult to perturb. They are the only draft animal available in Rasumbel, and can pull carts holding up to five times their own weight over moderate distances if conditioned from a young age. Alsaries may also be trained to saddle and ridden by Suari children, or carry loaded packs of up to 20% their own weight.


Khoroi Herding Dog

Size: Medium (30-45 lbs)
Coloring: Solid brown, red, or fawn
Found in: Okudan (common)
Aptitudes: Herding, hunting
Image model: Australian Kelpie, Dingo

A sleek dog with angular features and uniformly solid-colored coat. The breed is known for being a good-natured bundle of energy, well-suited to the open expanses of the plains. The main use of these dogs is in herding the livestock of Okudan both to daily pastures and in the band's periodic migrations. Before a puppy begins training, its behavior around livestock is tested; dogs that do not show promise as herders are trained for hunting instead. Herding and hunting dogs are not typically allowed to interbreed, which has produced two distinct subsets of Khoroi dogs; it is now considered to reflect poorly on the breeder if puppies show a different aptitude from their parents.


Malai Guardian Dog

Size: Large (65-100 lbs)
Coloring: White to tan, darker ears
Found in: Okudan (common)
Aptitudes: Livestock guardian
Image model: Abruzzese Mastiff, Kuvasz, Maremma Sheepdog, Great Pyrenees

A large, stocky breed with thick white to tan fur. Malai dogs are generally amiable and laid-back, often whiling away the day relaxing in the grass, but also attentive to everything within their domain. After weaning, puppies are placed with a herd and trained to work with its owner and other dogs in watching for and warding off predators. One dog may suffice to guard a small herd, but two to four dogs of at least two years of age is considered ideal. Runt puppies are sometimes given as Naming Day gifts to families with new infants, and raised up as guardian to the Hearth and to the child in particular.

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