Character Creation

Each locale will have a character creation guide with instructions specific to the player's starting location. Mostly I expect this will amount to housing options, recommended proficiencies, and recommended possessions.

I don't have too many firm ideas about the process yet. I would like to keep it pretty simple.

Skills: I'm thinking characters may take up to three fields of expertise depending on their starting age. All must be in different skills, so they start out no higher than Professional in whatever. Juvenile characters (e.g. human <14) may not take any expertise; they're automatically trainees. Young adults (e.g. human 14-27) may take one expertise in a single skill. Mature adults (e.g. human 28-41) can have one expertise each in two skills, while older adults (e.g. human 42+) can have one in a third skill. Optionally, of course, they may choose not to take these.

Alternately, perhaps one more expertise for each age group — one total expertise for children, two for young adults, three for mature adults, four for older adults. That way every PC has at least something they can officially make a living by, it allows an expression of "talent" in children, and it gives characters of all ages a bit more to start with.

Either count keeps the starting aptitudes of younger characters realistic and offers incentives to players who take older characters. It also lets every character start with a meaningful (professional) skill immediately, except perhaps if they're a child. The limitation of only one expertise in a given skill, even for older characters, prevents anyone from having *too* much of a leg up on the path to mastery.

Languages: Everybody will get a fluent language. Beyond that… if languages are handled through expertise, players might be allowed to take 'Basic Vocabulary' in a second language at start, but I think not anything more.

Possessions: I intend to just give players some amount of starting money and let them buy what they see fit, with some guidance on a city-by-city basis. If they want a house, they can buy a house. If they want to buy a horse and travel, fine. If they want to spend it all on weapons and armor, also fine. This will take some fine-tuning as to the amounts… and players will need a reminder to account for living expenses for any seasons they want to play in, as well. At least, if that's going to be a thing.

I've also been toying with an abstract wealth system, in which case the above considerations pretty much go out the window…

Aspects: I'm not sure if these will be purchasable (i.e. cost money), or if players will simply be allowed to freely choose one starting Aspect if they want to have one. Currently leaning towards the latter. See also Ascension.

Mixed Bloods: The Mixed Blood page will have lists of minor features that can be inherited from parent races. Things like clawed fingers, more delicate bones, boosted or impaired senses, etc. I intend to allow a half-blood to choose two features they get from each parent race. A quarter-blood will be identical to their majority race, with a single remaining feature from the other (which must also be present in their mixed parent). Any more diluted and they don't count as a mix anymore.

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