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General Setting

  • point of consideration: how available are horses outside the plains?
    • riding animals: donkey, camel, reindeer, elephant, yak, zebra
    • pack animals: donkey, camel, reindeer, elephant, yak, ox, water buffalo, llama, goat, dog
    • draft animals: donkey, camel, reindeer, elephant, ox, water buffalo, llama, goat, dog (Leonberger)
  • "family relationships" among gods reflecting historical splits of Ways upon new apotheosis
    • Stern Spear and Reasoning Blade as "brothers"
  • deep history
    • dispersed, isolated populations
    • falling stars
    • role of Artificing in history
  • coastal Asar: Arahon
  • brown-faced Awassi sheep for original coastal stock


  • Sunstone / heliolite for aura crystals
  • Aura crystal power levels and "charge" scale
    • earth bronze #9A521A
    • air azure #1A3467
    • fire scarlet #971A20
    • water viridian #105F59
    • space black
    • time violet #591F8D
    • mind gold #D1AB22
  • review Invocation in terms of Identity
  • ghosts of divinities past == demons?


see "the textile fibres of commerce", William Hannan, 1902

  • kendir, Dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum or venetum) - Kothinar, "flax substitute"
  • Milkweed (Asclepias sp.) - Kothinar
  • Cedar bark - Rasumbel?
  • Lotus fiber - Vishaza
  • Ramie - Vishaza
  • Linden/Basswood (Tilia sp.)
  • Nettles (Boehmeria sp., Urtica sp., Laportea sp.)
  • Sea silk - Vishaza?
  • Linen - Kothinar?


  • Okudan origin myth
    • come from somewhere outside the plains; outcasts? refugees?
    • follow three falling stars in succession
    • last crater harbors a herd of horses -> origin of nomadic tradition
    • at each crater forge one of the three Treasures (spear, mortar, finally stirrups)
    • other bands fissioned from Okudan


  • physical features
    • large build, pronounced dimorphism
    • black skin, partially scaled; scales may be black, gray, silver (star-like)
    • scales said to forebode life path
    • hair often matches scales
    • eyes typically dark, may be blue or gray; light colors usually with light scales; slit pupils?
    • good night vision (no color)
    • excellent sense of balance, proprioception; also timesense
    • excellent memory
  • slowed development - mature late, aging also delayed
  • mix features
    • all have brown skin, aptitude for physical activities
    • pale hair and eyes (gray/silver)
    • poor vision
    • scale traceries on limbs only
    • visual memory
  • stargazers?
  • community labor levy similar to Incan mit'a
  • moral economy - fixed prices for certain subsistence items, although size varies
  • society
    • matrilineal, with strong male/female gender roles
    • dual leadership; female inherits, male elected
    • concept of "balance"
    • females own land, infrastructure, vegetable and herb crops; also tend to history, learning, "memory" professions
    • males make land productive, own livestock, grain crops; physical crafts, metalwork
    • athletics, physical arts are masculine - capoeira, bullfighting, bull-leaping
    • visual, fine arts are feminine
    • some things are unisex - dancing, philosophy, music, ???


  • physical features
    • Japanese base appearance
    • compact build, androgynous; body down?
    • batlike wings, lightweight bones
    • climbing hands, opposable toes
    • night vision (color?)
    • echolocation? magnetic sense?
  • mix features
    • all have small size, compact build, lightweight bones
    • climbing hands
    • enhanced night vision (no color)
    • color-blind
    • enhanced hearing?
  • society musings
    • endogametic caste system
      • Blessed, Ornament, Maker, Merchant, Outsider, Stranger
    • not fond of outsiders
    • names: females related to things of the earth, males to things of the sky


  • physical features
    • medium to large build, long-legged
    • curling horns, claws, sharp teeth, fur
    • pointed mobile ears, acute hearing, acute smell
    • good sprinters, excellent endurance runners
  • mix features
    • all have large build, horn nubs; all are detached, self-centered
    • body fur
    • clawed digits
    • heightened sense of smell
    • heightened sprint speed


  • Moonless Nights
  • Cracking Ice
  • race with multiple lives? (2? 3?)

Second Node

  • northeastern coast
  • bureaucratic polity, meritocratic
    • creche-raised children, aptitude tests
    • lots of study, lore, classifications
  • human warrior/helot polity (Moridian remnants)
    • split between land-bound and warriors
    • heavily influenced by bureaucrats
  • aquatic race? related to Asar?

Desert Node

  • fire race related to Quaanar


  • gibbons (somewhere forested)
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