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General Setting

  • point of consideration: how available are horses outside the plains?
    • riding animals: donkey, camel, reindeer, elephant, yak, zebra
    • pack animals: donkey, camel, reindeer, elephant, yak, ox, water buffalo, llama, goat, dog
    • draft animals: donkey, camel, reindeer, elephant, ox, water buffalo, llama, goat, dog (Leonberger)
  • "family relationships" among gods reflecting historical splits of Ways upon new apotheosis
    • Stern Spear and Reasoning Blade as "brothers"
  • deep history
    • dispersed, isolated populations
    • falling stars
    • role of Artificing in history
  • coastal Asar: Arahon
  • brown-faced Awassi sheep for original coastal stock
  • sea silk


  • dowry returns to wife's birth Pavilion upon divorce
    • likely minus a share for any children
  • "fostering" of youths (cf. from Kothinar) among the Okudan
    • between ages 12 to 17
    • likely a few young bolan women go back to town with them; "unmarriageable" in the eyes of Okudan but not Kothinar

Bedouin-settler ties went even deeper. Most famously, the prophet Mohammad's Meccan (sedentary) tribe had a custom where they'd pay a nominal fee to particular bedouin tribes and have them raise their sons for a few years, teaching the boys their nomadic ways (everything from poetry to hunting, herding to navigation) and hardening them up. In return, they'd get free labour and form good relations and future alliances with the settlement (formed through individual ties and the collective population).

  • Okudan origin myth
    • come from somewhere outside the plains; outcasts? refugees?
    • follow three falling stars in succession
    • last crater harbors a herd of horses -> origin of nomadic tradition
    • at each crater forge one of the three Treasures (spear, mortar, finally stirrups)
    • other bands fissioned from Okudan


  • physical features
    • large build, pronounced dimorphism
    • black skin, partially scaled; scales may be black, gray, silver (star-like)
    • scales said to forebode life path
    • hair often matches scales
    • eyes typically dark, may be blue or gray; light colors usually with light scales; slit pupils?
    • good night vision (no color)
    • excellent sense of balance, proprioception; also timesense
    • excellent memory
  • slowed development - mature late, aging also delayed
  • mix features
    • all have brown skin, aptitude for physical activities
    • pale hair and eyes (gray/silver)
    • poor vision
    • scale traceries on limbs only
    • visual memory
  • stargazers?
  • community labor levy similar to Incan mit'a
  • society
    • matrilineal, with strong male/female gender roles
    • dual leadership; female inherits, male elected
    • concept of "balance"
    • females own land, infrastructure, vegetable and herb crops; also tend to history, learning, "memory" professions
    • males make land productive, own livestock, grain crops; physical crafts, metalwork
    • athletics, physical arts are masculine - capoeira, bullfighting, bull-leaping
    • visual, fine arts are feminine


  • physical features
    • Japanese base appearance
    • compact build, androgynous; body down?
    • batlike wings, lightweight bones
    • climbing hands, opposable toes
    • night vision (color?)
    • echolocation? magnetic sense?
  • mix features
    • all have small size, compact build, lightweight bones
    • climbing hands
    • enhanced night vision (no color)
    • color-blind
    • enhanced hearing?
  • society musings
    • endogametic caste system
    • not fond of outsiders


  • physical features
    • medium to large build, long-legged
    • curling horns, claws, sharp teeth, fur
    • pointed mobile ears, acute hearing, acute smell
    • good sprinters, excellent endurance runners
  • mix features
    • all have large build, horn nubs; all are detached, self-centered
    • body fur
    • clawed digits
    • heightened sense of smell
    • heightened sprint speed


  • Moonless Nights
  • Cracking Ice

Second Node

  • northeastern coast
  • bureaucratic polity, meritocratic
    • creche-raised children, aptitude tests
    • lots of study, lore, classifications
  • human warrior/helot polity (Moridian remnants)
    • split between land-bound and warriors
    • heavily influenced by bureaucrats
  • aquatic race? related to Asar?
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