Reputation Skilled, beauty seeking, collectors
Features Humanesque with amphibious characteristics
Prevalence Home polity of Vishaza, found sparsely across the continent
Height females 5'11" - 6'5"; males 6' - 7'
Weight females average 210 lbs; males average 280 lbs
Lifespan 120 years

Key Features

  • Dark skin and hair
  • Gem colored eyes
  • Long lifespan with late maturity
  • Webed digits
  • Gills
  • Tall and stocky
  • Enhanced leaping strength

Aging Table

Stage Age Human Equiv.
Maturity 20 years 13 years
Prime 35 years 25 years
Middle Age 60 years 40 years
Senescence 90 years 60 years
Max Lifespan 120 years 75 years

Physical Description

Asar are tall people with long muscled limbs adapted for leaping on land or swimming beneath the surf. Their features are almost always dark, with hair ranging only from the darkest browns to the deepest black, and their skin a matching range of rich colors. A variety of gem-like colors peer out of varied faces. Facets like cut stone are not uncommon in the eyes of the Asar. The translucent shine of webbing shows between the digits of their hands, and a far more pronounced webbing between feet that are wide and flat, well suited to the shores they call home. In similar colors to their eyes and hands, Asar have gills that open and close when they trade between land and water. Gills form on the rib cage of an Asar with fin like appendages in matching hues.


Reproduction among the Asar is revered for it is often difficult to conceive a child. Gestation among the Asar is seven to eight months, expecting mothers will often spend greater time in water to help limit the stress on their body. If the father is not Asar, the pregnancy tends to be more difficult for the mother but provides a greater chance of conception.



Asar prefer watery biomes but are spread widely across the continent. They congregate largely in Vishaza, but originated in Arahon



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